Here are some of the Resources we like to share.
Annual Report
Annual Report FY2073-2074
Annual Report FY 2072-2073
Annual Report FY 2071-2072
Annual Report FY 2070-2071
Annual Report FY 2069-2070
Annual Report FY 2068-2069
Annual Report FY 2067-2068
Annual Report FY 2066-2067
Annual Report FY 2065-2066
Annual Report FY 2064-2065
TB/HIV Co infection Sticker
TB/HIV Co infection Factsheet
TB Factsheet
Basic Principles - HIV & AIDS (English)
E-newsletter Sep 2008
E-newsletter Dec 2008
E-newsletter 2012
News bulletin 1.2
News bulletin 1.1
E-newsletter Nov. 2008
Successful Story of TB REACH program published by Stop TB Partnership
TB Reach Article
HIV and AIDS fact-sheet
Drug Use - HIV & Media
Basic Principles - HIV & AIDS (Nepali)
Scenario of female drug users in Nepal
Vacancy Documents
Terms of Reference - Program Officers
Terms of Reference - Administrative and Finance Officer
Charitable Membership Form
Kap Report of Rupendehi
Kap Report of Dhanusha
Kap Report of kailali
Kap Report of Bardiya
KAP Report of Ilam
Drop In Center brochure
Harm Reduction Flier - 4
Harm Reduction Flier - 3
Harm Reduction Flier - 2
Harm Reduction Flier - 1