Nayagoreto Recovery Home

Naya Goreto is pleased to announce its new social venture on Naya Goreto Recovery Home for substance dependency.

For the past twelve years, Naya Goreto has been working with People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) and People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA). The organization is grounded by its vision of by and for the PWUD and PLHIV community.

Through an extensive private research, NG has discovered a need for rehabilitation centre that is a safe haven for people suffering from addiction. There is also a need for affordable and quality treatment home. Therefore, keeping it at reasonable cost and using latest skills and techniques, our multi-disciplinary addictions counsellors and medical professionals adapt to serve personal treatment needs of the clients with utmost care and support. In addition, our qualified staffs will also seek out for any symptoms of common co-occurring disorders such as bi-polar disorder, depressions, anxiety, personality disorder and many more that are concurrent with substance dependency.

It will serve as a place where everyone can feel safe, hopeful, optimistic, and have sense of purpose in life. Furthermore, it will be a drug/alcohol free environment, where therapies, counselling, productive learning and recreational activities can help a person rejuvenate their power within.

To fulfil the goal of empowering one of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, NG has been collecting seed fund from its employees and members for the past three years. The total amount collected till-date is Rs. 416,000/-.

It is our mission to help PWUD and PLHIV community through holistic program for overall constructive improvement in one’s life.

Our Team

Our team consists of medical practitioners, clinical psychologists, substance dependence counselors who have more than fifteen years of experience in the field of substance dependency.

We strongly believe that peer counseling and support are integral part of a person’s recovery process. Our programs are designed to help one another.


Naya Goreto Recovery Home is situated 8 kilometers north east of Patan, Lalitpur. Located in the scenic country side of Lalitpur district, its peaceful and natural environment provides perfect environment for recovery home.

Anyone coming to stay or visit the recovery home is bound to immediately feel at home, therefore, making it comfortable for lengthy stays. The paddy and vegetable fields, as well as luscious green hills of Lamatar provide serenity and relaxation. The hills of Lamatar are ideal for hiking and other excursions which is essential for rejuvenation in recovery.


Address: Naya Goreto Recovery Home
Lamatar - 2,
Mahalaxmi Metropolitan City,
Laliptur, Nepal.
Phone number: +977-01-5132362


The Naya Goreto Recovery Home is a minimum of 90 days inpatient treatment program, which will include:

  1. 1. Detox Program: is the first phase of recovery, where there is removal of toxic substances from body. The detoxification will be supervised by a medical professional, who will also provide thorough medical examination and evaluation of the client.
  2. 2. Primary Care: is the themed programing with strict confidentially maintained within the group, will be based on 12 steps program. In addition, it will include one-on-one counselling, peer and group therapy, life skills strategies, spiritual development, relapse prevention and developing coping mechanisms to stress and mitigate triggers of relapse with client and finally extended health assessment for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C, Sexual Transmitted diseases and others.
  3. 3. Leisure Time: is included for joyfuland enjoyable recovery process. Acertain period oftime in a daywill be allocatedfor recreational activities such as arts, games, movies, physical activities, hiking and many more that clients can enjoy and take their mind off from the recovery process. This will supervised by counsellors.
  4. 4. Work Therapy: is essential part of the therapeutic program, where clients will be given project works as part of their skills development process. The skillswill be useful to reintegrate back to the community and support them financially.
  5. 5. Family Therapy: is crucial for social re-integration of the client and acceptance from the family. Family membersof the client will also be counselled during the treatment process, as there is a strong co-relation between supportive family and abstinence maintenance.
  6. 6. Extended and Continuing Care:as care should be on-going and thus client who wish to stay longer to develop their self-confidence, communication and relationship skills as well as concentrate on relapse prevention are welcome to stay longer and further improve their skills.
  7. 7. After care: is important for any subsequent interventions that may follow the initial treatment to prevent relapse. The centre will maintain its connection with the clients through phone calls, encouragement for 12 Steps program, support groups and follow-up-meeting


    The following criteria should meet:

    • - You are an adolescent or older.
    • - You truly want to attend the recovery program. 
    • - You have an addiction to alcohol and/or other psychoactive drugs as well as other compulsive behaviours such as gambling, video gaming and so on.
    • - You are willing to attend self-help meetings such as A.A. and/or N.A. and/or group therapy sessions.
    • - You are able to make a commitment for 3 months.
    • - You must participate in a scheduled personal screening interview prior to acceptance into the Recovery Home, either in person or by telephone.
    • - You are self-motivated to make positive lifestyle changes in order to reduce harm and work towards a primary goal of abstinence.

    We take intake on Weekends as well

    Referrals are accepted from all community resources and members

    We welcome Daytime Drop-in


    If you require immediate help, please contact our office

    From: Sunday - Friday;10:00 am to 5:00pm

    Phone numbers: 977-01-5132362

    Support Us

    Your contributions go directly to our programs, services, and basic operating costs of Naya Goreto Recovery Home. Corporate donors can support the home with funds, goods and services, equipment, and underwrite special projects.

    Support our social and meaningful initiative by becoming our Charity Member

    Download our Charitable Membership Form Here: Charitable Membership Form

    Bank Name: Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited

    Branch: Kumaripati

    Account Number: 016044631C

    Swift Code: NPBBNPKA


    About Membership

    The Charity Members are an important part of Naya Goreto Recovery Home. In addition to the membership fees, members may contribute to volunteer time, support and provide expertise to the Recovery Home programs.

    The annual Charitable Membership of NRs. 1000/- will allow you to:

    • - Attend our annual Social Audit where you can know about our programs, finances and meet other members just like you
    • - Receive our quarterly newsletters via print or email
    • - Take advantage of member discounts on our services
    • - Receive timely member-only emails and updates about NayaGoreto programs and service


    For the list of Charitable members, please click here


    For information on membership and donations, please contact:

    Naya Goreto

    Balkumari-8, Lalitpur, Nepal

    Phone: +977-01-5132362


    Office Hours: Sunday to Friday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm