Bridging the Gaps: Health and Rights for the key population

The Project [Archived]


Drug use in Nepal is still considered as antagonistic to the society. There are no specific laws and policies in Nepal where the drug use issues are addressed and fundamental human rights are secured. Since Nepal was re-drafting it\'s constitution, it provided a unique opportunity for the civil societies and human rights based organizations to raise issues and voices of the drug users. Further human rights of the drug users are violated at the grassroot level where they are considered as the secondary citizens, and viewed negatively. Thus, through the implementation of this project it is anticipated that the policy makers, political party members are aware on the rights of the people who use drugs and help to advocate other policy makers for developing policy. This project is also expected to provide drug users platform to help them raise the issues for securing their rights. Likewise through this project it is anticipated that human rights violation of the drug users are reduced at the community level and their representation at the different spheres of the society will be increased like the involvement in the ward level health committee, DACC etc.   


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