Training on HCV for People Who Inject Drug (PWID)

  • Project Duration:-07/14/2014

In recent days, Hepatitis C (Hep 'C') Virus is commonly found among People Who Inject Drug (PWID) in Nepal. It is becoming a hidden epidemic among PWID due to limited understanding and knowledge on prevention, lately diagnosis and untimely treatment of HCV resulting high HCV associated casualties in PWID community such as increasing mortality rate of PWID due to HCV infection.  As result,  it is very essential to initiate HCV related awareness and training's programs among PWID for controlling the infection; ensuring cost effective diagnosis and treatments; and eliminating HCV associated casualties such as stigma, discrimination and untimely demises of PWID.

To address these HCV (hidden epidemic) infection among PWID in Nepal, Naya Goreto (NG) has received a "Treat Asia  Community Award"  from the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)  to implement the project "Training on HCV for People Who Inject Drug (PWID)". The program will be carried out in three districts namely: Kathamandu, Rupandehi and Pokhara specifically targeting PWID communities. The project will be starting from April 15 to July 14, 2014 in Nepal.


Training on HCV for People Who Inject Drug