Contract extended with Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City


Naya Goreto (NG) has extended contract with Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) on 1st December 2014, for the continuation of the program "Orientation Classes on Drug and HIV for school and college Students”. The project aims to educate youth on illicit and harmful drugs and blood borne diseases such HIV and AIDS. In addition, it also aims to empower the Drug Users community through conducting the educational session at schools and colleges of Lalitpur District.

NG Case Study


It’s our pleasure to inform all our well-wishers that WHO has published Naya Goreto Case Study in meaningful participation of PWUDs in Consolidated Guidelines on HIV Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care for Key Populations-2014. Hope you all enjoy reading and I would like to thank all of you for your continuous support in achieving this milestone.

For reading full guideline: 

Coordination meeting held with Regional Head Director (RHD), DPHO and conducted orientation to volunteers.


Naya Goreto (NG) team had built a good coordination with RHD/DPHO to effectively implement the TB reach program in 10 districts of Nepal as well as conducted the orientation for the volunteers to mobilize them in field level to reach the PLHIV and other vulnerable groups for early TB case detection thus NG volunteers has started the screening among PLHIV from 3rd July in Far-western Region.  

Contract with TB REACH (WHO)


The NayaGoreto (NG) is pleased to announce that it is implementing TB REACH project funded by WHO Stop TB Partnership; and it is in the process of hiring the project staffs for successfully implementation of this project on time. The work of the TB reach project team is early TB diagnosis among PLHIV and among other vulnerable groups in various districts of Nepal namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Palpa, Baglung, Kaski, Rupendehi, Doti, Accham, Kailali and Kanchanpur. The project is expected to be completed by 15 November 2015. Interest candidates can apply for available post announced in the vacancy section. 

Contract with FAITH


Naya Goreto (NG) has signed Cooperation Agreement with Friends Affected & Infected Together in Hand (FAITH) to implement the project "Global Fund - National Strategic Application (NSA) Tuberculosis for Phase 2 (2013-2015)" supported by Nepal Tuberculosis Centre/Global Fund . The agreement includes the implementation of the program in four Service Delivery Areas (SDA) namely: Practical Approach to Lung Health (PAL), TB/HIV collaboration (TB/HIV), Public private mix (PPM) and Advocacy, communication, and social mobilisation (ACSM). The agreement was made from 15thFebruary 2014 and this agreement will come to end on 15thJuly 2015.

For Year 4 (2013-2014) NG is implementing the program from 16th February 2014 - 15th July 2014 in the three district of Far- western development region.

            Practical Approach to Lung Health (PAL): Accham

            TB/HIV collaboration (TB/HIV): Doti and Accham

            Public private mix (PPM): Kailali

            Advocacy, communication, and social mobilisation (ACSM): Doti, Accham 



The Naya Goreto (NG) is pleased to share that our project called "Intensified TB case finding among PLHIV" has been selected for Wave 4 TB Reach Program of WHO (Geneva).  The project is mainly focused on early TB diagnosis among PHIV of 10 key districts namely Accham, Baglung, Doti, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Kaski, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Palpa and Rupandehi, of Nepal. The project will run from April 2014 to March 2015 in coordination with WHO (Geneva) and all key stakeholders of Nepal including NTC and NCASC and other TB partners of Nepal. 

Contract with amfar, The Foundation for AIDS Research


As a reason of NG establishment, we strive to make healthy living of Drug users as possibly. Hep C awareness is an important component toward this goal. We are proud to announce that we are going to conduct a 2 days training on HCV for drug uses for the first time in major cities mainly in Kathmandu, Bhairawa and Pokhara of Nepal in collaboration with Treat Asia, and would like to invite you to participate in our new program to live a healthy life.

The date of event, venue and start time will be published later once we have an approval from social welfare council. If you are interested and wanted to attend the program, please contact at following contact at your earliest convenience so that we can make require arrangements for your enrollment.

Naya Goreto,

Balkumari-8, Lalitpur,


Phone Number-5534293

Contract extended with Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City


Naya Goreto (NG) has extended contract with Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) on 29 January 2014, for the continuation of the program "Orientation Classes on Drug and HIV for schools and colleges students and Parental Education on Drug issue for women’s Groups ". The projects aims to prevent the young generation from Drug and other blood borne diseases and also educate parents on the issue of Drugs, HIV and AIDS, beside that it empowers the Drug Users community through conducting the educational session from school/college to large community of lalitpur District.

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